Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bathroom Renovation after Devastating Fire (Part 1)

I have been working on several bathrooms lately and in Richmond we have had several severe thunderstorms this summer.  You might ask... "What's the connection?"  Well, one of my recent projects was due to a lightning strike and resulting fires that caused the entire home to be leveled 
to the footings.  Yikes!  But definitely my most fun project to date.  

You can see how the bathroom was divided into several smaller rooms - His, Hers and shower areas.
 Because we working within the parameters of the insurance company, we kept the house footings exactly as they were - maintaining the basic design and square footage of the home. Previously you walked down a hall with His on the left, Hers on the right and a shower dead ahead. 
But the changes were DRAMATIC!
Now you walk in and view this beautiful tub and surround with 
antiqued mirror niche arched in custom cut marble tile.
She now has a lovely vanity and sink with window seat!
The steam shower is custom fitted with body sprays and allows maximum light
 and openness in the floor plan.  
His is still tucked into his own area with vanity and toilet.  
Her toilet sits nicely in it's own room just inside the bathroom.  
And they both enjoy the loveliest shower and tub - amazing what a fire will do!!!

This post will be a series of several key areas of the home that were drastically
 re-designed because of the fire.

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  1. Kirsten,

    I trust all the home's occupants escaped safely and will now be able to enjoy the results of your design efforts. We are fast approaching the two yr anniversary of my house fire, also in Richmond, so I know first hand the daunting tasks the homeowners have faced. I have not quite put my house back together fully yet because I choose to do it own my own ... not a choice I would repeat and I certainly advise anyone else who finds themselves in this kind of position to bring in professionals. Your clients made a wise decision to engage your services.