Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wall Plaques & Folding Screens

Recently I have noticed folding screens and wall plaques everywhere...in designer showhouses, catalogs, magazines and consignment shops to name a few.  There are many different styles and sizes out in the market place.  Here are a few I have used in my projects or have seen in recent travels.  

Here I have mounted the folding screen to the wall to create a large backdrop of art 
on a long wall showing my client's interest in riding. 
Peaking out the far right side of the photo you can see how Anthony Todd used a folding mirrored screen from Restoration Hardware to separate the open living room from the dining room.

In this bathroom, a wall plaque is a nice complement between a pair of high windows.  Wall plaques are also nice in a bathroom because they are not affected by the humidity created from the shower/tub. 
In the Elle Decor Concept House Michael Tavano fabricated metal screens
 to make a seating area more intimate.
In this dining room, I used a series of wall plaques to complement the drapery fabric 
and reflect my clients interest in gardening. 
In the Kips Bay Showhouse Scalamandre's Zebras line the walls.  
The bold pattern is offset by the very traditional use of a chinoiserie screen.
Although the quality of this image is not the greatest, I had to include it.  
This florida dining room had a wall of mirror and the designer ingeniously hung
 a folding screen in front of the mirrror to soften the space.

What is your favorite use of a wall plaque or folding screen?
As always be sure to check in next Tuesday for the latest post.  


  1. Hi Kirsten,

    In a very modern and spare bedroom I saw a chinese carved folding screen mounted to the wall and used as a headboard. Perfect contrast and accent to the space, great way to incorporate an inherited piece that was too traditional / formal for the recipient. I love folding screens that are more like sculpture and that you can look through ... much like the panels you shared above from the Elle Decor Concept House.


  2. I like the folding screen with the horses. I sell art print room divider screens on my niche website: http://UrbanAccentsNY.com

    The screens in the photo look very expensive. The ones on my site art mass reproduced which makes it more affordable since they're imported from China