Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Selecting Marble & Granite

Natural stone is one of the most beautiful surfaces to use when 
selecting counters, back splashes or walls in your bath or kitchen.
It also proves to be one of the most challenging selections for many homeowners to make.
Each piece has a unique color, patina and style. 
 Some are dramatic and are works of art.  Others are neutral and nondescript.  Whatever you choose it must balance well with your cabinetry, flooring, wall color, tile and overall design aesthetic.  Often times it is the granite or marble that sets this design aesthetic.  
I personally love to browse the local stone yards.  
Every time I visit there is some new stone that catches my eye. 
This one has an etched impala pattern.
  Here are a few beauties I saw this fall when visiting Charles LuckMarva Marble & Granite and Arc Granite & Marble.  I love when the stone is indoors vs. outside for viewing.  Not only because of the cold or heat that is inevitably at it's worst when I'm there but because it is so much easier to see the beauty of the stone under a consistent indoor light.

Do you see the hidden steer head???  Amazing what nature brings us.
  I hope you enjoyed the post.
As always, contact me when starting your next project
 to assist you with making your design selections.
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  1. I love to go to a granite yard, except for today since it's raining but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! Happy Thursday! Miss u!

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